knittedwings in juneknittedwings in june
knittedwings in june

June 28 :: home and rested :: to begin here is a photo of my favorite purchase, glass knitting needles! The artists live along our path to Portland. Sheila and Michael Ernst. The needles come with a lifetime warranty. clicking photo takes you to a gorgeous close-up of the colored ends. I look forward to test-knitting.

We arrived at Black Sheep on its final day, Sunday the 26th. My heart began racing and I had to work at calming down. And there were moments when I got teary-happy because the environment felt so natural and warmly welcoming. Once we got inside, I did a Mare version of a pie-eating contest, taking in one beautiful sight after another and soon I had completely lost any sense of groundedness to Earth.

Karl and I had visited animals once before, this time it seemed the animals were just as curious about us as we were of them, coming over to be near us, tho often turning their backs if I started to point the camera.

I seemed to chose spindles that were not marked and my giddy nature didn't allow for holding much information about my purchases. the left-most is a Bosworth, the 2 others were made in Isreal. They each seemed perfect in my novice hands. I did not care much for the spinning lesson that ended the day, on account of my mind&heart not being in a good state to sit still & absorb, but I came away with some good knowledge. I want to make myself a spinning category for pages to keep track of what I am learning.




Well, I will make
one more page of the fiber purchases, which has fun links to fibery sites, and leave you with a photo we took on our way out, that looks to me like a fairy costume and shows pretty well the brilliance of the affair.

"Who had fun last weekend?"

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