knittedwings in juneknittedwings in june
knittedwings in june

hello true summer.

June 22 :: Start and Tell

a few projects in honor of local wild orange lillies ..

U.S #1 needles, Kai's goldfish bamboo(Alchemy), and Tiger Eye sock pattern from Socks Socks Socks. I have very little lace experience, have already gone wrong in several rows, hope by the end of 2 socks I will be able to see in my mind what the next stitch is meant to be. I still have a craving to knit the Forest Path Stole from Interweave Knits Summer 2003, it works in 20 stitch entrelac pieces, which seems quite good for me on a beginning level. Thinking I can knit it from organic cotton, or beautiful blue from Fleece Artist.

this is Auraucania cotton from last summers bathrobe. the pattern is from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience 2 ,

"your chirps go here xo"

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June 24 :: Hi Ho :: off to Black Sheep Gathering we go. Leave you with a picture of Tissa Cotton knitting. Can you tell which of Scarf Style patterns I am mimicking?

And here, too, is my latest Target purchase, space for about 400 skeins of Alchemy Silk Purse in anticipation of selling The Oregon Coast Hat & Temple Hat patterns in an on-line fashion. I am guessing it could be Christmas before I take enough baby steps to make this real.


'tis truly just a thin disquise for wanting to own
all the Silk Purse in the world.

Good Weekend xoxo Mare-turns-54-tomorrow



here is a swatch for a type of moebius Cat Bordhi named undulating. I believe in one of her books there may be a followable pattern, but during workshop she suggested doing this with only the effort of trying not to repeat yourself. It is simply a series of random sized short rows. I get a kick out of seeing the stitch loops on both sides of the swatch, that is a moebii for you ! I am knitting this with silk garden, one of the few yarns that I think look gorgeous in garter rows.

I have begun another scarf from the Tissa cotton, which is not so fun, it is like knitting with string (quality string) but I know from its swatch that it softens up nicely when washed. Will save that picture for another day.


At the moment I am quite pleased with myself for looking up in the Freeway manual how to make text run along side of photo. That will help fill in space in the future. As with most Freeway how-tos it was a simple matter of ticking the appropriate bit in a dialog box.